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Discover how ForSkills can take care of your learner’s journey from initial and diagnostic assessment through to individualised, targeted resources which inspire and prepare your learner for their final functional skills test.
Posted by Craig Bestwick
Published on 1 Aug 2014
ForSkills are proud to be supporting National Numeracy with our self-assessment maths test.
After working in partnership with National Numeracy for an intense and hugely productive 12 months, ForSkills is now proud to announce the launch of the National Numeracy Challenge – the maths ‘check-up’ test which we hope will raise the skill levels among millions of adults across the UK.

Take the National Numeracy Challenge for yourself

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ForSkills to host & support new Nelson Thornes’ Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment
Summer 2013 sees the introduction of the new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Year 6 SAT. The Department of Education states, “Maintained schools, academies and Free Schools have a statutory duty to administer the test to children who have completed the Key Stage 2 programme of study in May 2013. All children working at level 3 or above must take the test.”

Nelson Thornes have contracted ForSkills to host and technically support their new Nelson Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment which enables you to assess your pupils' current levels and continue to monitor their progress

Nelson Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Assessment
Help your pupils succeed with the new Nelson Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment tool which enables you to accurately identify problem areas in order to plan the most effective lessons.

Fully up-to-date and aligned with the DfE specification for the new Year 6 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling SAT.

Your subscription will give you access to:

- a randomised 20 question audio spelling test;

- an interactive 50 question grammar, punctuation and vocabulary test;

- a question bank of 500 questions – enabling you to retake tests to check pupil progress;

- cross referencing to the Nelson Spelling and Nelson Grammar series which will provide practice for any weak areas.
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