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No more dull paperwork or filing. With SkillsPortfolio you can save photos and videos, record discussions and collect observations as evidence for the full qualification spectrum.

It is the choice for hundreds of colleges, training providers, councils and other organisations delivering vocational qualifications.
What is SkillsPortfolio?
Unlike anything you have used before, SkillsPortfolio is a user-friendly and comprehensive cloud-based e-portfolio solution that comes pre-loaded with your awarding body apprenticeship, guiding your centres through the assessment framework, reducing the cost of qualification delivery and, most importantly, engaging your learners.
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Save Time & Money
The benefits for the learner
the ability to upload a wide variety of evidence and gain instant feedback on their progress towards achieving their chosen qualification;

clear, accessible learning targets, reviews and ILPs.

ability to challenge themselves though progress monitoring and aspirational grade setting.
The benefits for the tutor
a reduction in the amount of paperwork;

a reliable system of keeping all a learner’s evidence, of any genre, secure in the same place.

creation and secure storage of learner reviews;

ease of tracking, predication and monitoring of qualifications;

efficient target setting;

easy management of all learner’s ILP data to record each individual’s assessment and progress details.

group tracking and automated system alerts.
The benefits for the employer
a reduction in the cost of qualification delivery;

the ability to review their learners’ progress at any time.

easy access from any venue to results and progress data needed by OfSted and SFA at a reasonable cost both in time and money.

reduced paper, postage, time and transportation costs.
The benefits for the verifier
the ability to sample and review evidence remotely at any time;

the flexibility to take action on any changes which need making, to assure consistent quality.
The benefits for the external verifier
an ability to sample a range of learners’ evidence remotely and therefore offer centres more flexible support.
The benefits for the super admin
total control over the organisation’s portfolio system;

the ability to see any learner’s portfolio at any time.

easy access to all learners’ ILPs and qualification monitoring

group, cohort and whole qualification tracking and monitoring.

reduced paper, postage, time and transportation costs.

automated system alerts.
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