£2 million for apprenticeship levy research

£2 million for apprenticeship levy research

The Centre for Vocational Educational Research (CVER) has been given a £2 million top-up to the grant it received from the Department for Education in May 2015 to continue its work until the end of the decade.

Among its projects are the evaluation of FE’s role in increasing social mobility, the impact of university technical colleges, and a full evaluation of the apprenticeship levy.

Dr Sandra McNally, who leads the centre, said, “The focus of the work on the apprenticeship levy will be on its effect on training outcomes, overall and by sector. Questions will include: ‘to what extent has the training been additional to what would have taken place otherwise?’ ‘How has the volume and composition of apprenticeship training been affected?’ and ‘Has there been any change on the characteristics of those being trained by firms?'”

As the research will involve complex data construction and analysis, there is no set publication date for the project.

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