BESTest – employability skills assessment

BESTest – employability skills assessment

BESTest is our new psychometric test that will quickly, accurately and objectively measure a learner’s employability skills.

Use it with your study programme learners and to prepare learners for work experience and apprenticeships.

  • Identify and agree your learners’ baseline strengths and weaknesses, and then design tailored and personal learning plans based on those strengths and weaknesses
  • Achieve learner buy-in for enrichment activities
  • Accurately track distance travelled from the start to the end of their course

BESTest Screen Shot

On completion, learners receive a colour-coded report showing a set of ten underlying scores that relate to employability skills indicators such as interview techniques and job search skills; and to personal qualities such as motivation and sociability – qualities that make all the difference with employers. They also receive an overall employability score.

Tutors and assessors will have access to group reports to compare their learners’ results.

BESTest resources

Included with the assessment is a set of innovative resources: video tutorials, practice skills which include interactive games, and summative assessments covering the ten employability skills indicators.

Learners receive a skills plan based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment that will direct them to the specific resources they need. The skills plan will sign off on successful completion of the summative assessments.

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