ESOL Initial Assessment & Resources

ESOL Initial Assessment & Resources

Initial assessment is the vital starting point of the learner journey whether it’s a regulated or non-regulated ESOL course. It provides the baseline from which to measure any distance travelled and as such provides essential evidence that learning has taken place. It can also give an indication of your learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

ForSkills’ ESOL initial assessment is unique for many reasons. We know many ESOL learners present with a spiky profile, for example, their speaking and listening skills may be better than their writing skills, so our initial assessment will assess a learner’s levels in reading; the writing topics of grammar, punctuation and spelling; and also listening. It will also assess their overall English level from pre-entry to level 2.

ESOL Learning Resources

The questions are banked so a learner is unlikely to sit the same assessment twice, so it can be run again at a later stage to show distance travelled. The assessment has audio so every question will be read to the learner – so headphones are advisable especially for the listening section. The assessment is also adaptive, responding to a learner’s answers and offering correspondingly easier or harder questions.

ESOL Initial Assessment

ESOL video resources now available

We’ve produced an entire ESOL course of sparkling video tutorials, practice questions and summative assessments from entry level 1 to level 2. All our entry-level practice questions and summative assessments have audio, so questions will be read to the learner.

The resources link directly to the learner’s initial assessment to create an individualised skills plan (ISP) for each learner that will sign off as they complete each topic.

What our customers have been saying…

“A range of questions that are appropriate for our students. Good visuals for lower-level students and the instructions were easy to follow – very user friendly.”
Lewisham Southwark College

“A useful tool in terms of assessing a starting point with ESOL students and I like the fact it is very interactive and includes video and audio elements.”
Progressive Care

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SAM funding rates 2017/18

Providers only have to deliver a qualification where a learner exercises their legal entitlement for a first full level 2 or level 3 English course. Non-regulated ESOL provision without a qualification has rate-based funding depending on planned hours of delivery.

Single Activity Matrix is based around guided learning hours (GLH).

GLH, TQT or planned hours Type Base rate
(1 PW)
Up to 2 Very small £14
3 to 4 Very small £21
5 to 6 Very small £35
7 to 12 Small £50
13 to 20 Small £100
21 to 44 Small £150
45 to 68 Medium £300
69 to 92 Medium £450
93 to 100 Medium £600
101 to 196 Large £724
197 to 292 Large £1,265
293 to 388 Large £1,987
389 to 580 Very large £2,573
581 to 1060 Very large £4,170
1061 or more Very large £6,602