Fixing the HE and FE funding imbalance

Fixing the HE and FE funding imbalance

“There is a funding imbalance between academic and vocational routes and the post-18 education review panel is aiming to fix it.”

So said Philip Augar, chair of the panel, speaking on day two of the AELP National Conference. The panel, led by Mr Augar and five other experts, were tasked with working out how best to ‘promote a more dynamic market in education and training provision’, ‘ensure the post-18 education system is accessible to all’ and ‘encourage the development of the skills that we need as a country’.

“Pretty much all of the replies to the consultation said funding was too low particularly in FE,” said Mr Augar. “There was a lot of comment about the bias to the traditional academic route of tertiary education. We do believe that there is a skills gap in the country that we ought to try and address.”

An interim report is due to be published this year before the government concludes the overall review in early 2019.

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