The 2017 maths and English survey

It’s back – sharper and slimmer than ever before.

The 2017 survey for maths and English in the post-16 sector will seek to uncover your opinions on:

• English and maths policy
• Assessment and resource providers
• Awarding organisations
• e-Portfolio providers
• Sources of independent news and information
• Experience and confidence in Functional Skills and GCSE

There are just 20 questions, and more than half of them are one click answers. Even where there are choices, we’ve worked hard to slim down the complexity to keep things simple and straightforward. We’ve timed the survey at between 6-10 minutes.

There’s space for you to add your own comments and, as always, apart from the essential demographics such as sector and type of job you have, all questions are optional so if you don’t know about something, there is no need to provide an answer.

You can even reply anonymously if you wish but note that the system is clever so only one response from one person is allowed and anonymous responses can’t win a prize!

The last few surveys have attracted more than 1000 responses in total – it means the survey is both independent and significant – and we know that it has influenced policy in the past so please take part.

Analysis and results will be published and shared with everyone in the sector.