Functional Skills Assessment

Functional Skills Assessment

Functional Skills assessments are available from Entry Level 1 to Level 2. At all five levels, the English assessment papers are split into reading and writing; maths and ICT have the one assessment.

English and Maths Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is the vital starting point of the learner journey. It provides the yardstick from which a learner’s progress can be measured.

Our initial assessment uniquely measures both a learner’s overall working towards level and their spiky profile. The English initial assessment, in line with the final assessment or test, will show the levels for reading and the writing topics of  spelling, punctuation and grammar – SPaG.

The maths initial assessment will assess the overall working towards level and the section levels of number; measures, shape and space; and handling data.

English and Maths Diagnostic Assessment

The diagnostic assessment is the crucial second cog of the process. Done properly, it will shorten the learner journey and motivate them toward the final test.

On completion, our diagnostics provide each learner with a colour-coded individual skills plan (ISP) that clearly displays the topics that the learner is competent in and their skills gaps. Links on the skills plan direct the learner to the specific resources they need to cement their gaps.

Reports highlight each learner’s weaknesses and also provide a group profile in order to organise full-class teaching.

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