GCSE 1-9 confusion survey results

GCSE 1-9 confusion survey results

Originally published: 19/01/2017

The BBC ran a report a few days ago that seemed to suggest that there was widespread ignorance over how the new GCSE qualifications in maths and English were graded.

That report is here, and certainly the research suggests there is some confusion, and when I read it, it left me questioning my own knowledge as nowhere in the article is the correct answer given!

So is 9 better than 1, is 4 a better grade than 5, and just what is the pass mark now?

We thought, for a little bit of fun only, that we’d create our own little (non-scientific) survey to find out if the post-16 sector is equally confused. So spin on over to this link and have a go – just three quick questions, should take no longer than two minutes to do!

We’ll report the results in a future newsletter of course.

Update: 26/01/2017

GCSE 1-9: How well are grades understood?

Last week, we ran an article that reported that in the schools’ sector, the new GCSE 1-9 grades were not well understood.

We created a little (not very scientific it has to be said) survey for the post-16 sector and with almost 100 responses, it appears that knowledge in this sector is pretty good.

More than 96% know that “9 is best”.
75%+ are aware that a grade 4 will be the pass mark in the summer.
80%+ know that the pass mark is likely to rise to grade 5.

There were plenty of comments too. So accepting that new musicians will be very used to the way you progress up the grades, we liked these:

“Since when was 9 better than 1? It is illogical.”…and perhaps far more relevant…”Will learners with a 4 have to resist in future years if they want to follow a course where the pass mark is moved to 5?”

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