GCSE Assessments

GCSE Assessments

Our GCSE assessments, part of our SkillsBuilder package, use the new 1-9 grading system where a grade 4 is the equivalent of the old grade C, the target grade, and a grade 5 spans the high end of a C and a lower B. The top end of grade 8 to grade 9 represents the old A*.

New GCSE Levels

Our GCSE initial assessments uniquely measure both a learner’s overall working-towards level and their spiky profile. The English initial assessment shows the levels for reading and the writing topics of spelling, punctuation and grammar – SpaG. Our maths initial assessment shows the levels for number, geometry, algebra, and probability and statistics. The foundation paper in maths now includes topics that were previously in the higher paper, such as standard form, vectors and factorising quadratic expressions. These topics are covered in our assessments and our resources.

Our initial assessments will assess a learner from grade 1 up to grade 5. We have deliberately capped the upper limit of the assessment to bring it in line with the GCSE maths foundation paper.

Our diagnostics are targeted at learners resitting their GCSEs and are therefore set to one level, the Grade 4 target level. The diagnostics assess a learner’s strengths and skills gaps, and then produce a colour-coded individual skills plan (ISP) of targeted resources. Topics sign off on the skills plan as the learner works through the resources and successfully completes a short summative assessment.

We have a huge bank of GCSE resources including our ground-breaking video tutorials featuring such key English topics as implicit meaning, complex sentences, and showing not telling. Our maths video resources cover the vital areas of Pythagoras, sequences, and probability.

Reports allow tutors to scrutinise learner skills gaps and course progression at an individual or group level, thereby informing full-class teaching and clear identification of specific needs.