GCSE grades creating uncertainty – even in schools

GCSE grades creating uncertainty – even in schools

The Easter holidays coincides with several key education conferences and at the NASUWT, the BBC reported there was still significant confusion over grades and boundaries with just weeks to go until the first exams. The maths teacher comments seem to reveal an awful lot.

“We still haven’t got our head around what the grade boundaries are because no-one will provide us with any.”

“So we’re giving them mock exams and then telling them ‘we think that your grade might be a four, or might be a five, or it might be a six, or it could be anything because we don’t know because we haven’t been told anything about grade boundaries.

“All we know is, compared to last year, the marks are very, very low and very few people are scoring very high marks in the exams.”

And then we get to the difference between a pass grade. Education Secretary, Justine Greening, says a grade four will be seen as a “standard pass” and a grade five as a “strong pass”. Until 2019/20 when it’s expected to change again! Unless of course, we have another surprise election outcome……

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