GCSE or Functional Skills – two different views

GCSE or Functional Skills – two different views

Both writers in the TES this week start from a siimilar point of view, that the GCSE re-sit policy is and has been disastrous for the FE sector.

But from that assumption, the proposed solutions are very different.

Sean Vernell (City and Islington College) argues for project based learning, saying that we need to break from exam based qualifications and that “functional skills has been roundly condemned by staff and students alike”.

Hilary Gwilliam (City & Guilds) argues that the qualification route should be learner focused “we need to help them (learners) by making the right options available, each with a very clear purpose and value. Similarly, we need to help employers to understand and recognise each option.”

So the principle is the same, GCSE re-sits are a woefully inadequate policy when applied to everyone, but which is the best route for learners?

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