GCSE Performance tables

GCSE Performance tables

FE Colleges, based on new performance measures published by DFE, appear to do very badly for maths and English progression. The published measures are based solely on the achievements of learners that did not achieve grade C at GCSE. The average result was a minus 0.27 grade profession for English with Maths even worse at minus 0.29.

There are clearly issues with both how the results have been calculated and how they are understood, but nevertheless the reported results may be particularly worrying for some colleges, for example, Vision West Nottinghamshire (English -0.27 and maths -0.43). The College are owners of bksb which claims to support more than 88% of FE colleges with GCSE maths and English. By contrast, a significant number of colleges who use ForSkills’ GCSE assessments and video resources have better results than Vision West Notts in both English and maths.

The full results are available here

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