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The ultimate GCSE solution

Our latest GCSE assessments use the new 1-9 grading system where a grade 4 is the equivalent of the old grade C and grade 9 represents A*.

Our initial assessment and diagnostic are tightly linked so certain answers a learner gives in the initial assessment will be used as proxy answers to equivalent questions in the diagnostic. This way we can cut down on overall assessment time and provide a far more efficient assessment process.

Like our Functional Skills initial assessment, our GCSE assessment will identify each learner’s overall working-towards level and their spiky profile, and it is adaptive, responding to learner answers and offering correspondingly easier or harder questions. The assessment will assess a learner from grade 1 up to grade 5. We have deliberately capped the upper limit of the assessment to bring it in line with the GCSE maths foundation paper.

The diagnostic is set to one level, the target level, Grade 4. The diagnostic will assess a learner’s skills gaps and assign the appropriate resources.

Our GCSE resources include our innovative video tutorials, some of which overlap Functional Skills and GCSE, but many, such as sequences, Pythagoras and showing and telling, have been written specifically for GCSE.

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GCSE Assessments

Our GCSE assessments, part of our SkillsBuilder package, use the new 1-9 grading system where a grade 4 is the equivalent of the old grade C, the target grade, and a grade 5 spans the high end of a C ... Read more