Government policy “causes damage to the self-esteem of learners”

Government policy “causes damage to the self-esteem of learners”

Many issues have been raised by a government report published on 27th November about ‘effective practice in the delivery and teaching of English and mathematics to 16-18 year olds’.

The National Education Union said, “This is a ridiculous policy, causing damage to the self-esteem of learners.”

The research found that the GCSE resit policy is ‘demotivating’ for some students as they are being asked to continue with a qualification that they perceive they have ‘failed’ and states, “motivating students in English and mathematics lessons is a central feature of further education teaching”.

The report also questioned the blanket policy of forcing all D-grade learners to resit ‘regardless of their knowledge of English or mathematics fundamentals’, which is problematic for some learners.

There were many examples given as evidence of students who “lacked some primary school level knowledge on some topics, even for students with a D grade.”

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