Hull Training – “An accurate assessment of Functional skills”

Hull Training – “An accurate assessment of Functional skills”

I have found ForSkills extremely informative and more functionally laid out. It is definitely a step up from the bksb toolkit we had previously been using.

We felt it was the way to go forward when we piloted it to our learners, and we felt it was a more accurate assessment of the learners ability within Functional skills.

The learners we work with range from NEETS and foundation learners through to apprentices. We pride ourselves on the relationship that we have with the companies that take our learners and, in listening to their needs, the indication was that more needed to be done with Functional skills – specifically maths and English.

I now believe, with the help of ForSkills, we are able to meet the needs of our organisations.
Julie Wilson – Deputy Manager and Quality Lead, Hull Training

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