Labour would scrap GCSE resits policy

Labour would scrap GCSE resits policy

Speaking at the AoC Conference this week, the shadow education secretary, Angel Rayner, told delegates that a Labour government would scrap the GCSE English and maths resits policy.

“Recently, bodies from across the sector, including the Association of Colleges, have raised concerns about students being forced to resit English and Maths GCSEs over and over again due to ESFA funding requirements. I can announce today that we have listened and we have heard. A Labour government would end that requirement.”

She continued, stressing that the opportunity would then be opened up for learners to “pursue other courses that enable them to attain level 2 qualifications in English and Maths, such as functional skills.”

Commenting on Angela Rayner’s announcements, Julian Gravatt, deputy chief executive of the AoC, said: “We welcome their (Labour’s) position on English and maths GCSE retakes. It’s vital that every young person leaves education with strong foundations in these subjects – they are the basis for success in work and in life.

“Colleges have long called for flexibility in how to support learners to achieve this. A one-size fits all approach has not worked and does not work. Colleges know their students and what works best for them.”

Read the full report here.

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