Maths Initial Assessment

Maths Initial Assessment

Our maths initial assessment, part of the SkillsBuilder suite, uniquely measures a learner’s overall working-towards level and their levels in number; measures, shape and space; and handling data. These section scores are clearly displayed on the result’s page along with the overall level.

It is common for a learner to display a spiky profile. As a tutor, you need to know that a learner’s skills in the key area of number and the four rules are in place even if perhaps their handling data skills aren’t consolidated yet. Being able to see this at the formative stage of assessment is essential.

The initial assessment is adaptive, responding to a learner’s answers and offering correspondingly easier or harder questions. The questions are banked so a learner will never sit an identical assessment twice.

Our maths initial assessment has a built-in dyscalculia screener that is triggered by the learner’s response to specific questions and, where appropriate, an additional learning needs flag is displayed by the learner’s result.

The initial assessment is also available in a paper-based format. We’ve captured the integrity of the interactive version in a beautifully designed colour booklet that can be marked in one go but still assess a learner’s spiky profile. The result can be uploaded to the system to automatically trigger an interactive diagnostic.