Never too old to retrain

Never too old to retrain

A report by the Department for Work and pensions, Fuller Working Lives: A Partnership Approach, was unveiled this week. The report refers to retraining opportunities for people aged over 45 and those approaching conventional retirement age. Apprenticeships are referred to as an “all age programme”, and the report said: “We know that older people can and do access apprenticeships.”

The government are looking at building on the 2015/16 figures of 57,700 apprenticeship starts for 45-59 year olds and 3,500 starts for people 60 years and over.

Read the full FE Week article.

Our own Jonathan Wells is not quite 60 yet but he can see that milestone looming on the horizon, so if any readers would like to suggest ideas for a new apprenticeship for him in the comments section below, we’ll post the best or indeed funniest ideas.


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