The Annual Apprenticeships Conference in Birmingham

The Annual Apprenticeships Conference in Birmingham

The three-day conference and exhibition started well with news and views from key policy makers.

Nick Linford reported that the results of the apprenticeship survey sent to attendees before the event showed that the sector was more optimistic than last year, but issues about addressing SME support and the balance of price/quality were still high on the agenda.

David Hill, from the DfE, and the senior civil servant supporting apprenticeships, outlined the current Government proposals and policy including two updates that the providers who did not make the first round of RoATP approvals could apply immediately again and that non-levy funding would not be affected. Full details in FEWeek, the organisers of the event.

ForSkills exhibited at the event and took an active interest in the main presentations. If you would like to download the key slides from the exhibition, follow the links below.

Strand 1 Weds 1040

Strand 2 Weds 1430

Strand 3 Weds 1550

Strand 4 Thurs 1040

Strand 5 Thurs 1430

Strand 6 Thurs 1550

Strand 7 Fri 1040

Strand 8 Fri 1155

Peter Lauener Presentation – IFA



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