NEWTEC – Marcin Herda

NEWTEC – Marcin Herda

Good customer service staff are always available to help with login or other issues. They provide a step-by-step guide over the phone. Learner portfolio of evidence is very easy to access and self-explanatory. The dashboard gives learner percentages which helps to monitor each learner’s progress.

ForSkills can be accessed anywhere, which gives an advantage to learners who are being supported in the workplace and not in the classroom. Learners enjoy using ForSkills to complete their initial and diagnostic assessment because the system explains areas they need to improve and shows how to access the correct resources in order to achieve this.

Like any system that is new, Achiever (ForSkills) was a challenge to use at first, however, as time went by with relevant training and adjustments, Achiever has become very user-friendly. Thank you for listening to our feedback and implementing the changes.

Marcin Herda – Team Leader – Adult Learners – NEWTEC

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