Ofsted criteria for Outstanding lessons

Ofsted criteria for Outstanding lessons
Ofsted criteria for Outstanding lessons
Ofsted Criteria for Outstanding Lessons How ForSkills System Can Help Achieve These Criteria
Information from assessments is used to set tasks that are perfectly matched to the pupils’ prior attainment ForSkills DA Assessment identifies specific learning gaps at the level the student is working at and Individual Skills Plans (ISPs) are generated from these results.
The work is pitched at a level that is achievable if individual pupils work hard and try their very best Appropriate learning resources are automatically generated from these ISPs
Resources, including teaching assistants where applicable, are highly effective in promoting rapid learning for groups of pupils regardless of their aptitudes and needs Since the Skills Plans and resulting learning materials are generated individually for each learner using their own individual diagnostic assessment results they match the needs and aptitudes of each individual.
Pupils with specific learning needs receive support at the time and level it is required to optimise their learning This is all about individualising the learning programme of each learner. The ForSkills assessments also identify possible dyslexia and dyscalculia tendencies early at IA stage. The system also offers a variety of accessibility features on the interactive version and paper alternatives for those learners who find computer access difficult or undesirable (e.g. people with epilepsy)
The work includes opportunities to develop pupils’ skills in reading, writing, mathematics and ICT, as well as providing opportunities for extending wider skills such as research and co-operative working. The teaching and learning resources contain ideas for individual, pairs and small group working in maths, reading and writing activities.
The tasks themselves enthuse pupils so that they persevere when faced with difficult problems and are keen to succeed and to learn more Resources contain examples of work in a variety of settings in both everyday living and vocational settings. The aim is to show learners the relevance to their own lives of what they are learning.
There is no need for any overt discipline as pupils are engrossed in their work Research has shown younger learners are often more engaged when using computer-based activities
The pace of learning is optimised throughout the lesson by the teacher being able to use the time to the best effect in supporting pupils at the time they need such support Although this is, of course, down to the skill and judgment of the teacher, they are helped by the individualised approach of SkillsBuilder and planning is eased by using the group profile facility on the ForSkills system.
The teacher demonstrates a high degree of subject knowledge when framing and answering questions. The teachers’ subject knowledge can be assisted by the teaching points given in the maths and English teaching and learning resources.
Questions tease out pupils’ understanding so that teachers are exceptionally aware of the degree to which pupils are secure. Again, the use of open-ended questions in the resources can assist the teachers and support their professional skills and abilities.
The work for each individual is adapted in the light of any misconceptions that are brought to light through questioning or checks on pupils’ work Again the teachers’ skills and observations are aided by the ForSkills system by the summative assessments at the end of each set of learning resources.
Marking is frequent and regular, providing pupils with very clear guidance on how work can be improved. Interactive Practice Skills are marked automatically and with a facility for the learner to check their own learning. Tutor marked exercises are provided with model answers and marking guidance documents
The teacher ensures that corrections are carried out and any missing work is completed. The automatic tracking system of each pupil’s progress is a good aid to the teacher. Both individual and group progress can be followed.
Homework is an integral part of the lesson. It extends the learning and is treated as being as important as the lesson itself Homework can be set online for the learner to access anywhere the internet is available by means of individual passwords.

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