Formed in 2005, ForSkills is the creation of entrepreneurs Carl Gibson, Myles Ponsonby and Pauline Paley and reflects their passion for delivering a range of engaging assessments, courseware and resources that truly inspire learners. Our product range has been developed to provide teachers, tutors and trainers with a robust online management tool that can track and monitor students’ progress, support tutors, and provide users with a truly individual learning experience.

More about Pauline

Pauline has a deep understanding of the needs of the college market. Her background in education spans more than 20 years and started at West Nottinghamshire College in the 1980s. Her work put her in the path of tutors who were struggling to deliver the mandatory achievement of key skills, a requirement of obtaining a GNVQ.

As an educationalist and reformist, she spent two years developing a solution to the problem by designing a series of diagnostic assessments to determine skills gaps and create resources so that each learner could work on an individual learning plan – an unheard of approach at the time!

Her pioneering work on basic and key skills became the accepted tool for colleges and training organisations and was accepted as a best practice model by the DfES. Today, Pauline has put her experience to good use at ForSkillsas she has led the development of the next generation of assessments and resources to help tutors deliver truly individualised learning programmes.

More about Carl and Myles

Carl and Myles have broad experience in the delivery of online learning within the education sector. In their previous organisation, they took the lead on the creation of a new online learning business which focused on providing key skills courseware into the colleges and schools market.

In those early days, when paper-based materials were the norm, their strong desire to help tutors, teachers and trainers to transform how they delivered key skills was their main focus. Through extensive research and by maintaining a close dialogue with learners and tutors, they developed a range of key skills assessments and courseware (branded as direct-ed), that was modern and innovative and offered transformational change in the way key skills was taught.

Their personal commitment to designing a learning platform that tracked students’ progress, provided a standardised assessment system to tutors, and managed learners in a consistent, measurable way was instrumental to its success and it became a leading brand for those delivering key skills training. Their continued commitment to this philosophy is evident in the new suite of assessments and learning resources currently provided by ForSkills