Plans, priorities and resolutions for the sector

Plans, priorities and resolutions for the sector

A very good piece in FE Week sees the Apprenticeships and Skills Minister outline his objectives for 2017. There is nothing earth shattering, but the article does bring together the key themes and the Minister covers:

  • Funding reforms
  • The Institute for Apprenticeships
  • National Apprenticeship Week
  • The Technical and Futher Education Bill
  • Careers

He says in conclusion:
“Careers, apprenticeships, skills, social justice, quality and jobs are my priorities for the coming year. The direction of travel is clear; the levy will change behaviour, and the new Institute will ensure quality. The Sainsbury reforms will also guarantee excellent professional and technical education, and the area reviews will help provide strong leadership in further education and strong further education colleges.”

Click here for a link to the FE Week article.

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