Post-16 English and maths policy update

Post-16 English and maths policy update

From a strategic point of view, the DfE now looks after post-16 education and skills including apprenticeships. Maths and English remains remains a focus within wider strategies, plans, taskforces and reviews, and is core to all life stages.

**Within the 16-19 study programmes**, there have been a number of successes, challenges and action:
– The vast majority of students now continue to study English and maths
– Government-funded teacher training and FE bursaries are supporting the expansion of the sector workforce
– DfE are currently reviewing effectiveness of English and maths policy within the 16-19 study programme

**Within GCSE**, the first cohort of students have entered post-16 and are taking the new reformed GCSE curriculum. The “funding condition” (pass mark) has been set at grade 4 until at least 2019. More technical details about the new GCSE 1-9 are here.

**Functional Skills** is a key objective for DfE and to ensure there is no misinterpretation, the words below are directly from the DfE presentation slide.

– DfE are working with a range of partners to develop subject content and ensure it meets the needs of employers and students.
– Reformed Functional Skills will now be introduced in 2019.
– Ministers support the Functional Skills reform programme and want to take the time to consider the recommendations fully, how they fit into the wider post-16 skills landscape and to get these reforms right.
– Further public consultation on the subject content to be launching in the coming months.

**In Apprenticeships**, DfE are looking at the options for implementation of the Maynard recommendations and ministers are also looking at the content of the consultation in the Early Years Educator Apprenticeship in relation to GCSE and Functional Skills.

**The Skills Plan** has 15 different vocational routes and each one will have appropriate English and maths requirements with panels of professionals deciding on the specifics.

For post-16 teacher support, research into best practice English and maths teaching is being finalised and will be published shortly.

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