Relax stance on GCSE maths and English resits say AoC.

Relax stance on GCSE maths and English resits say AoC.

As the Department for Education (DfE) has indicated that T level students could have the option of taking functional skills instead of GCSE, it should relax its stance on compulsory GCSE maths and English resits.

This call has come from David Corke, director of education and skills policy at the AoC, who said, “The government had signalled in the T level consultation that there would be greater flexibility with the T level when it came to maths and English resits as a condition of funding, and while the AoC thinks students should continue to sit maths and English, we just think there shouldn’t be a GCSE condition.”

Mr Corke added, “When we think about the policy intent and when we think about how much we invest in this, I think it’s obvious that we can say ‘no’. The scale of the issue is huge. I don’t think it’s just limited to a waste of public funds; I think it causes mental health issues and distress.”

Read the full story in the TES here.

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