What is it?

SkillsBuilder is our unique suite of initial and diagnostic assessments and learning resources in Functional Skills English, maths and ICT, and GCSE English and maths.  Our packages also include assessments in ESOL, learning styles, PLTS and mechanical comprehension. We have many resources including interactive videos.

What does it offer? 

Initial and Diagnostic Assessments

  • Our initial assessments will accurately identify not only each learner’s overall working-towards level but also their spiky profile as well. The assessments are adaptive, responding to learner answers and offering correspondingly easier or harder questions. The questions are banked so a learner will never sit an identical assessment twice.
  • Our Functional Skills initial assessment will accurately assess a learner’s level from pre-entry to level 2, and includes a built-in dyslexia/dyscalculia screener.
  • Our GCSE assessment will precisely measure a learner’s ability on the new 1-9 system.
  • You have lots of accessibility features available to change the text size, play audio, choose easy reading or pick a theme such as dyslexia or color blind.
  • Our assessments are typically faster then our competitors! We aim for learners to complete their IA and diagnostic within an hour.


Our resources package includes our vast bank of ground-breaking video resources – many of which include challenges. The videos cover all of the key topics in Functional Skills and GCSE, and have been carefully crafted to engage your learners. We also offer paper based initial assessments and all of our assessments have the ability to be completed on smartphones and tablets.

Our practice skills questions are self-marked and highlight answers to be correct or incorrect- these are also saved so you can review work and are an excellent feature for learners to practice for their summative assessments in each topic. At ForSkills we have your offline learners covered with a wide range of video, scenario based and Functional Skills topic specific worksheets to guide learners through every criteria needed.

Tracking and progression

Our individual skills plans (ISPs) allow easy tracking of the learner journey. Targets may be set, both individual and group targets, and portfolio evidence recorded. The system will recommend when a learner is ready to take a diagnostic at the next level, allowing for smooth and easy progression.

Who does it benefit? 

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Why you should buy it

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