Comprehensive cloud-based e-portfolio solution

Comprehensive cloud-based e-portfolio solution

Unlike anything you have used before, SkillsPortfolio is a user-friendly and comprehensive electronic portfolio that has the capacity to upload and store your organisation’s QCF qualifications/standards. It guides users through the assessment framework, reducing the cost of qualification delivery and, most importantly, engaging your learners.


ForSkills Go

ForSkills Go allows assessors and learners to use their ePortfolio offline and access our huge bank of innovative SkillsBuilder video resources in English, maths and ICT as well as help and tips videos.

Assessors can download the e-portfolio for selected learners and then add and update evidence, map it against qualifications and criteria, update ILPs and create and update visits.

Learners can download their own portfolio and can work on it offline and, as with the assessors, they can upload any changes made.


SkillsPortfolio seamlessly integrates with SkillsBuilder

SkillsPortfolio seamlessly integrates with SkillsBuilder, our suite of assessments and resources, so Functional Skills progression can be automatically tracked. It is the first choice for hundreds of colleges, training providers and councils.


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