Still confusion over GCSE grades

Still confusion over GCSE grades

We’ve reported on issues to do with GCSE grades before in this newsletter and even now, just a few weeks before the first results are released, confusion remains.

The BBC report states “When the Education Secretary Justine Greening explained the new points system to the education select committee in March she said that grade 4 would be a “standard pass” and grade 5 would be a “strong pass”.

She wrote to the committee chairman to clarify that grade 4 was the “equivalent to a C and above” – and that employers and universities would be expected to recognise the grade 4.”

But there are different interpretations from different universities with variations from grade 4 to grade 6 being stipulated. And bearing in mind these requirements are coming from a sector that is well-informed, where does that leave employers and learners when it comes to reporting passes in maths and English?

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