Technical Guide for SkillsLink

SkillsLink moodle – our standard moodle code block which can be installed to your moodle system, allowing single sign-on and account creation on the ForSkills site.

SkillsLink registration page – allows tutors or learners to create accounts via a dedicated URL and register button on the login page. The page can be configured to automatically assign assessments, courses and groups.

SkillsLink import – via csv file allows you to create new users, new groups, move users between groups, assign courses to learners and archive learners. A thousand records per upload can be imported directly through our site or via scheduled exports from your MIS to a folder for processing on our site.

SkillsLink single sign-on – a link created by you that passes information between your MIS and our site, allowing creation of learner accounts, assigning of products, and group creation and allocation using a student reference.

SkillsLink API (application programming interface) – allows learners to be set up and requests for learner data to be made. Suitable for on-demand requests rather than bulk requests. See SkillsLink import for bulk requests.

SkillsLink data
• Learners
Allows learners who exist in your MIS database, but don’t exist in ForSkills, to log in. The username is verified against your MIS upon log in and then the account is created. This can also synchronise group/course information against your MIS on every login.
• Results
Results are now sent back to the SkillsLink Data v2 webservice allowing your MI team to query and report on learner results directly from local systems.

SkillsLink LDAP – LDAP authentication is available from installing the SkillsLink data module or by using a publicly accessible LDAP:// address. This means that learners can log in with the same username and password that they use for your organisation’s computers. If the user doesn’t already exist, the system will create a new user account based on authentication from your system.

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