The employer qualification perceptions survey

The employer qualification perceptions survey

Ofqual has recently published its employer qualification perceptions survey. Over 2,000 employers in England have been canvassed for their views on vocational and technical qualifications and assessments. The survey has spanned all industry sectors, organisation sizes and geographic regions.

With employers playing such an integral role in the development of new apprenticeship standards, the survey’s aim has been to better understand what employers think about qualifications when hiring new staff and when investing in training and upskilling staff.

Larger employers appear to be more aware than smaller businesses of the availability and benefits of qualifications such as functional skills. The survey has also revealed a difference in sector awareness of qualification reform. Nearly twice as many employers from the transport and logistics sector are aware of the functional skills reform in comparison to those surveyed from the hospitality sector.

To see a breakdown of the survey’s key findings or to read the whole document, visit the Ofqual site.

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