The future of post-16 English and maths

The future of post-16 English and maths

At a roundtable event hosted by TES and UKFEchat, key players in the sector called for urgent reform on post-16 English and maths. The recommendations published were as follows:

  • The FE sector supports the drive to ensure all students have good qualifications in English and maths.
  • The sector supports government work to develop technical and professional education. However, the burden of the ‘GCSE resits condition of funding’ risks diverting attention and resources away from these vital initiatives.
  • Teachers should be given the professional autonomy to decide whether GCSE is the most appropriate programme for individual learners.
  • Students should be allowed to take other qualifications where appropriate. We would support this change being brought in for 2017-18.

Read the full article here.

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