Ufi/learndirect select ForSkills

Ufi/learndirect select ForSkills

ForSkills selected by Ufi/learndirect to provide Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Tools

Following a competitive EU tendering process, ForSkills is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract from learndirect. The ForSkills online initial assessment and diagnostic tools will be used to help hundreds of thousands of learners assess their current English and maths skills and get on to the right programme when learning with learndirect.

The ForSkills tools were chosen because they are relevant for learners undertaking Skills for Life learning at entry level 1 to level 2 stages, and also deliver robust results that are easy for learndirect tutors to interpret.

Carl Gibson, ForSkills’ Commercial Director, said, “learndirect is an extremely important and nationally recognised large scale deliverer of learning. We are delighted that ForSkills have been chosen to fulfil their requirements for English and maths initial and diagnostic assessments.”

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